Another Set of Tom Holland Spider-Man Photos Leaked Online

We swear the term ‘leaked’ sucks now as opposed to what it meant a few years ago. Here we have a new set of ‘leaked’ photos for the Tom Holland Spider-Man set to appear in Captain America 3.


We have to remind you to take this particular post with a grain of salt because it could be a hoax once more.

So while the photos are a bit on the unconfirmed part of things, we do know for a fact that Spider-Man’s appearance is set to be a heavy one. It’s so heavy in fact that whatever we see happen to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker here in Captain America: Civil War will trickle down to Spidey’s own movie come 2017.

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We’ve also heard rumors that aside from the traditional and the home-made costume, the Tom Holland Spider-Man could also wear the Iron Spider costume in one or two scenes within Civil War. But this writer thinks that’s a load of BS since doing that takes out the focus on the fight between Captain America and Iron Man.

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