Review: High School DxD BorN

The popular ecchi/harem anime High School DxD has just finished it’s third season! Did High School DxD BorN live up to it’s predecessors? This particular fan shares his thoughts of the new series!

Before I go in further, let me preface this review by saying that I had an inkling of what would (or should) happen in this season as I’ve read the translated Light Novels on Baka-Tsuki. With that being said, there are some things that did not really sit well with me, even though I still enjoyed the whole season.

There’s a new kitty-cat in town.

One of my main points of frustration for the show was the way they compressed four books worth of content into a single season. A few of the things that occurred this season ended up a bit flat for me (Koneko and Akeno’s development for instance) . There’s also a lack of cohesion scattered throughout: most of the episodes ended with a “huh?” than a “what?!”, which made me scratch my head a few times. There’s also quite a few events that should happen but never made it in the anime. I know that happens on other anime too but I feel that BorN needed those events story-wise. All this was done with the original author’s approval though, so there’s that.

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On the bright side, there’s not a lack of oppai and pantsu, except for that one single episode that didn’t have any fanservice at all (which, knowing this series, is a MAJOR surprise). Sticking to one set of theme songs is surprised me as well.

Issei x Akeno
Did someone say OPPAI?!

Overall, I think the whole deal with compressing 4 books in one season ultimately hurt this season’s offering. Maybe the 2 books per season format does indeed work better for this franchise since the previous two seasons did it. There’s still a lot of material to cover in the franchise, but I feel it would be better to flesh them out naturally.

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