Girls und Panzer Gekijouban Movie Date Announced!

Mark your calendars folks! Girls und Panzer Gekijouban has just been given a theatrical release date of November 21, 2015!

Girls und Panzer, the sleeper anime hit of 2012, is a tale of schoolgirls competing in the age-old martial art of sensha-do where they get to engage in intense inter-school tank vs tank combat. The story revolves around the girls of Oarai Girls High School and their battles to keep their school from being closed. It became a hit with fans, spawning multiple manga and light novel adaptations. It’s such a huge hit, that popular online game World of Tanks collaborated with the series to attract more players in Japan.

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The movie will be a sequel of the 2012 anime and will be directed by Tsutomu Mizushima (Genshiken, Blood-C, Shirobako). ChouCho, who did Girls und Panzer’s TV series opening song, has also been pegged for the movie’s theme song. Director Mizushima also revealed that the movie will have a running time of 120 minutes, and the movie’s delay was precisely to make sure the movie would have the best quality available.

To celebrate the film’s release announcement, the staff announced a limited Blu-ray box-set release of the TV series. The box set will contain all six Blu-ray volumes and will be released on July 24.

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You can view a teaser trailer for the film below:

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